Legal entities that have a direct and material interest in space safety and sustainability are encouraged to participate in the Space Safety Coalition by having someone who is legally authorized to represent your organization email the following content to

  1. Confirmation of your entity’s endorsement of the SSC’s current set of best practices, posted at
  2. Provide a narrative statement of approximately 250 words describing how your organization is a space operations stakeholder interested in sustainability.
  3. Describe, using one or more of the following single-letter codes, your organization.
    A = Association/Foundation C = Consulting/Analytical Serv. D = Disposal services
    F = Flight safety/SSA/STM G = Govt Operator I = Insurer
    L = Launch provider M = Manufacturer of spacecraft N = Networking
    O = Operator (commercial) P = Part/comp manufacturer R = RPO/OOS services
    S = Security T = Systems/Tools supplier
  4. Your entity’s full legal name.
  5. Your designated point of contact, phone and email.
  6. A quality logo, suitable for incorporating into the best practices document as well as for posting on the SSC website.