The Space Safety Coalition (SSC, is an ad hoc coalition of companies, organizations, and other government and industry stakeholders that actively promotes responsible space safety through the adoption of relevant international standards, guidelines and practices, and the development of more effective space safety guidelines and best practices. Space safety includes physical safety, communications safety and space weather awareness. Physical safety includes avoiding launch and on-orbit collisions, minimization of human casualty from spacecraft or debris reentry, and the long-term sustainability of the space operations environment. Communications safety includes minimizing the incidence and severity of Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) events.

Participation in the SSC is open to space operators (including governmental or intergovernmental entities), space industry associations and space industry stakeholders that have a direct and material interest in space safety and sustainability. The SSC publishes, coordinates, and updates a “Best Practices for the Sustainability of Space Operations” document to address gaps in current space governance and promote better spacecraft design, operations and disposal practices aligned with long term space operations sustainability. This document, curated by space stakeholders, is a living set of best practices assembled and “owned” by the coalition of like-minded space organizations which have endorsed it.